Pre game meditations… Ravens vs Patriots (12.12.16) Week 14 (MNF)

Fact is: the Patriots could clinch a first round bye, if they win and get lucky – in form of the Cardinals and Bills also winning. Fairly simple..

With the Ravens it is a ted bit more complicated. If they win Mondays game, they could theoretically catch up to the Patriots (who would have 3 losses and 2 tough games at Denver and Miami to go.. If they were to loose: they have the Steelers breathing down their neck and the remaining hope of a wild car slot. So it’s pretty much like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

But there is more to this particular MnF game. Many speak of this game as an almost playoff match-up? Thus, it is a real chance for the Ravens to show that they are a serious Team and more: a serious Superbowl candidate. Not to mention, what a huge moral boost  it would be to win in Foxborough. It is an extremely difficult task, which was only achieved by Buffalo and Seattle this regular season.
Even more so, because by now it is safe to say, that the jenga effect did not kick in by the Patriots. Gronkowski was an important piece of the puzzle, but with him being absent the tower did not tremble.
It seems there are simply no week spots to exploit.
Flacco and the Ravens will have to bring their A game on Monday and the offense has to be overwhelming just like it was against the Dolphins. Even then, it will be a very tight game, that could be decided by nuances. Between these 2 teams, this late of the season the technical playing field is near level (let’s assume that Coach Belichick has no Eligible receiver type of trick up his sleeve this time), but what decides these games are mostly individual player’s performances and physical superiority.

In this, obviously the Patriots who got the upper hand in person of Tom Brady who can single handedly turn around games with his class „above plays“ and ruthless second half drives that brings even the toughest defenses to its knees.
On the other side the Ravens have a strong defense but a real element could be the Kicker – Justin Tucker who plays a vital role as every Field Goal can be worth gold in case of a tight game or even more so in case of an OT.

Another one of those nuances could be the Penalties. With the Ravens having 3rd most in the season it also shifts the scale towards the favor of the Patriots.

With all that being said. The real winner will be You: the football fan. As i am confident: this match-up will live up to all the hype and excitement and almost guaranteed to bring an amazing Game night for fans on both sides.




Author: Zoltan Gucsa
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